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Painting Illusions - Stone
Additive Process



  • Object to be painted
  • 2 ounce bottle acrylic paint, ivory
  • 2 ounce bottle acrylic paint, terra cotta
  • Newspaper
  • Varathane sealer (optional)
  • Sponge brush, 2 inches
  • 2 ounce bottle acrylic paint, chocolate brown
  • Sea wool sponge
  • Paper plate
  • Water
  1. Paint entire surface with ivory base coat using a sponge brush. Let dry ˝ hours.
  2. On a paper plate, pour small pools of the following paints: chocolate brown, ivory mixture and terra cotta.
  3. Lightly dip a small piece of damp sea wool sponge (the side with many fingers) into the chocolate brown and ivory mixture. Pat sponge on newspaper until you notice a defined print.
  4. Apply defined print over entire surface, making sure to rotate sponge while covering all spaces evenly.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with terra cotta paint. Repeat again with chocolate brown paint. Make sure to clean the sponge between separate colors.
  6. Let dry ˝ hours.
  7. Optional: Seal object with waterbased varathane (or waterbased varnish).

Disney Architecture - Noted Architects
and their Walt Disney World Buildings


Bonnet Creek Golf Club, Robert Siegel
Casting Center, Robert Stern
Celebration Place, Aldo Rossi
Contemporary Resort Convention Center, Robert Siegel
Disney Institute, Tom Beeby
Disney's Wilderness Lodge, Peter Dominick
Disney's Yacht & Beach Club Resort, Robert Stern
The Swan & Dolphin Hotels, Michael Graves
Team Disney, Atata Isosaki

Culinary Techniques: Sauces
Veal Glaze (Glace de Veau)
An intensive reduction of a Veal Stock
14 Servings

2 ounces butter, or oil
1 cup carrots, chopped
1 cup celery, chopped
1 cup leeks, white part only, chopped
2 cups yellow onions, chopped
4 cups red wine, (your favorite-preferable Burgundy)
1 Brown Veal Stock, (2 quarts)

In a large pot, sauté carrots, celery, onion, and leeks in a small amount of butter until caramelized. Deglaze with red wine. Reduce the mixture to half the volume. Add brown veal stock. Bring to a simmer and skim the scum off the surface. Reduce the sauce to half the volume or more, according to need of use.

Strain an use for basic of Blueberry Sauce.

Culinary Techniques: Sauces
1 Serving


Enjoy the foods of the professional chef. Prepare a recipe that you will only find in the top restaurants in the country. Impress your guests!

2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons blueberries, sun-dried
2 fluid ounces red wine, (4 tablespoons)
2 fluid ounces
veal glaze, (4 tablespoons)
1 ounce red wine vinegar, (2 tablespoons)

In a small sauce pan melt sugar over medium heat until sugar begins to melt, stir continuously with a wooden spoon, Add vinegar, then add blueberries and red wine.

Add veal glaze, being to a simmer, Reduce until the viscosity has thickened.

Remove from heat and serve immediately.

Creating Disney Magic



My original artwork by an Imagineer, Charles Kartz